Murduff's Goldsmiths and Engravers

About Us

In 1946, MurDuff’s Jewelry was opened in Florence, Massachusetts. With over 65 years of service to the community, we are proud of our history in Florence. Our work is completed on site and our formal training ensures that each project is done to the highest standard. MurDuff’s has two master goldsmiths and a hand engraver. Master goldsmith, Kurt Brazeau, has a degree in Jewelry Fabrication, Design and Repair from North Bennett Street School in Boston, Massachusetts. Established in 1885, North Bennet specializes in old world craftsmanship: the restoration and fabrication of violins, making & refurbishing antique furniture, bookbinding, and jewelry making & repair. Kurt can design a piece of jewelry from a pencil sketchor photo, regularly restores original antique pieces by Tiffany and Cartier, and has restored Masonic jewels originally crafted by Paul Revere. Our master hand engraver and goldsmith, Paul Piquette, completed his apprenticeship at Smith & Wesson, where he became a master gun engraver. He has a certificate from The Smithsonian for engraving. Both Kurt and Paul each have over twentyfive years experience perfecting their craft. We would be happy to design and create your special piece or restore a family heirloom. Even with our out-of-town clientele, we continue to enjoy working in the town where we grew up, for the people we consider friends. Because when it comes right down to it, every customer is important to us. Your idea or personal piece of jewelry is treated with care and respect. Each task is done in order of the drop off date and is usually completed within a week. A five-year-old’s Kindergarten pin is repaired right alongside a vintage Harry Winston piece. MurDuff’s will only sell products that we feel are of the highest quality and value. How good is our quality? Our diamond studs are made so well that we offer a 100% trade up with no strings attached. You can trade-in our diamond studs as many times as you like. Start with a quarter carat and work your way up to two carats. Our gold earrings, chains, and bracelets have an unconditional lifetime guarantee. At Murduff’s, we consider ourselves craftsmen. Our store has a casual atmosphere; we are competent but never pretentious. Our staff is not on commission or pressured with sales goals. The jewelry we make tends to sell itself. We firmly believe you will find a difference between our store and mass merchandisers. We do not wish to be a superstore, chain, or franchise. MurDuff’s is a true jewelry store.