Our Designers


Master goldsmith, Kurt Brazeau, has a degree in Jewelry Fabrication, Design and Repair from North Bennett Street School in Boston, Massachusetts. Established in 1885, North Bennet specializes in old world craftsmanship: the restoration and fabrication of violins, making & refurbishing antique furniture, bookbinding, and jewelry making & repair. Kurt can design a piece of jewelry from a pencil sketch or photo, regularly restores original antique pieces by Tiffany and Cartier, and has restored Masonic jewels originally crafted by Paul Revere. Kurt has designed and created countless pieces ranging from classic to contemporary and everything in between.  







Our master hand engraver and goldsmith, Paul Piquette, completed his apprenticeship at Smith & Wesson, where he became a master gun engraver. He has a certificate of appreciation from The Smithsonian for engraving. In the spring of 2015, Paul engraved a hand-made silver plaque to be inserted into the time capsule originally buried by Paul Revere, Sam Adams, and William Scollay in 1795. The capsule was found in the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House in Boston and contained multiple pieces of history including a silver plate probably crafted and engraved by Paul Revere himself. Once the capsule is reinserted into the cornerstone of the State House, Paul will become an important part of American history.