Jewelry Repair  

We have three in-house full-time goldsmiths. All three of our goldsmiths are trained in jewelry repair and can complete nearly any job that comes in. All of our repairs are done on site right here in our shop.

Jewelry is very seldom shipped to another site to be serviced and is only done so in extenuating circumstances and with the customer’s permission.

MurDuff's is fully insured against fire, theft, and neglect, which includes all jewelry being repaired here.


Custom Desgin

A custom design begins with a consultation. The customer meets with one of our three jewelers where the idea is introduced and discussed.

Usually during this initial consultation, a rough drawing is typically done and notes are taken. Next, a finalized drawing is presented to the customer for approval. Any final adjustments are made then the process truly begins.

The actual piece is produced using a wax casting, metal forging, CAD design software, or a combination of those three processes. The piece is polished, stones are set, and final touches are then added. Most if not all of this process takes place right here in our shop. 


Hand Engraving 

Here at MurDuff's, we have one of the very few Hand Engravers in the state, Paul Piquette - and everything is done meticulously by hand. 

Paul can engrave on most metals, though there are a few that cannot be engraved. He is able to engrave classic items such as letters, number, monograms, etc. as well as more complicated things such as patterns and can even reproduce a picture on a metal surface.

Our engraving services are limited to metallic surfaces which do not include wood, glass, stone, etc. We do not use machines to engrave.


Appraisals & Insurance

Having your jewelry professionally appraised by a qualified appraiser allows you to determine the retail value for insurance purpose, the fair market value for estate purpose or to just satisfy your own curiosity of what it is worth in today’s market. Our detailed appraisals will provide all the documentation for your individual needs, we offer both insurance appraisals and estate appraisals prepared in accordance with Uniform Standards Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Monica Panek has been in the jewelry field for over thirty-five years beginning with sales at a very young age. Love of jewelry, gemstones and diamonds lead to the distance learning program through the Gemological Institute of America with courses in diamond essentials, diamond grading I and II and finishing as a certified diamond grader. She continued education through the GIA with advanced diamond grading seminars. Monica has been involved in sales, buying, marketing and appraising jewelry as well as owner of Hanson Jewelers and has affiliations with GIA Alumni Association, New England Chapter and the Independent Jewelers Organization. Since 2015 Monica has been part of the team here at Muduff’s Jewelry providing thorough appraisals with focus on detailed descriptions and photographs. If you would like more information or are interested in having your jewelry appraised please email


Diamond Cutting

MurDuff's Jewelry offers diamond and colored gem cutting and re-cutting services. We can repair small chips to large breaks and re-polish heavy grain lines. We also re-cut poorly cut diamonds and gemstones into ideal cuts along with cutting old mine or European cut diamonds into ideal cuts. Our diamond cutters have over sixty years of experience and are happy to give you a quote on your project. While there is some loss of weight in the process, re-cutting will normally increase a diamond's value, even after weight loss. 40% of a diamond's value is in the cutting of the diamond. We are also fully insured while working on your diamonds and precious gemstones.

Watch Batteries 

At MurDuffs we can change most watch batteries. We also check and replace any missing or damaged contacts. We clean out and loose particles and replace and worn or missing gaskets all at no extra charge when changing you battery.


Complimentary Gift Wrapping 

At Murduff's Jewelry, we're happy to gift wrap all of your purchases free of charge.